Sustainable Proven Solutions to Lose Weight, Increase Energy & Feel Great: The Midlife PAUSE™ Program with Cynthia Thurlow

Have you tried everything but still struggle to maintain your ideal weight, energy balance and health?

No matter what you do nothing seems to work now that you're over 30?

Would you love to sleep through the night and wake up with an abundance of energy to perform at your best everyday?

You’re invited to join me and my expert team on a transformative journey to truly understand your Metabolic Health so you can FINALLY lose weight, sleep great, have endless energy, and be limitless regardless of age.

Here’s why typical diet, exercise and health tricks stop working after 30….

As we move through life the body has to navigate a growing number of lifestyle and environmental factors that can contribute to internal imbalances leading to weight gain or weight loss resistance, low energy, poor quality sleep, hormone issues, digestive upset and so much more.

To sum it up, our modern day life impacts your Metabolic Health overtime.

Metabolic Health is the beautiful and delicate balance between all systems of your body that allow you to thrive…or not.

Your Metabolic Health, it is the cornerstone of your well-being and every health or weight goal you want to achieve… that’s why it's time to take control.

Not only so you can thrive but so you can also get off the rollercoaster ride and have REAL, long-term, sustainable results.

Barely surviving each day?

Join us on a transformative journey!

To truly understand your Metabolic Health so you can FINALLY lose weight, sleep great, have endless energy and be limitless regardless of age.

We will dive deep into the realm of Metabolic Health, giving you building blocks from day one and all throughout the program to reclaim your body and feel like your best self. 

This program is your chance to turn things around once and for all. No more dieting, weight struggles, hormonal mysteries, wishing you could sleep through the night, or barely making it through the day on low energy…regardless of age or how demanding your life is.

I have proven protocols for long-term sustainable solutions that will be shared in The Midlife PAUSE™, all designed with a woman just like you in mind. 

Smooth sail into middle age and beyond!

Welcome to Your New Life…

I understand the challenges you face as a high-performing woman navigating the complex landscape of health once you hit your late 30s and beyond; that was me.

Hi, I’m Cynthia Thurlow, a metabolic health and intermittent fasting expert, and nurse practitioner empowering women like you to live vibrant and healthy lives.

Through 20+ years of research, practical experience, and a deep understanding of the unique struggles we face in this phase of life, I’ve crafted a comprehensive solution to address the root causes of your health challenges.

The Midlife PAUSE™ is designed with you in mind, and it’s my life’s work.

My Mission Is Clear...

The Midlife PAUSE™ was created to empower women like you to take charge of their health, restore their metabolic balance, and wake up each day with energy, purpose, and vibrancy. Through years of research, expertise, and a deep understanding of the unique struggles we face in this phase of life, I’ve crafted a comprehensive solution to address the root causes of your health challenges.

This isn’t just another program; it’s your passport to lasting well-being; it will help you lay the foundation to reclaim metabolic health, so you can wake up every morning feeling refreshed and ready to be the driver of your own life.

Are you ready to kickstart your journey toward becoming the best version of yourself?

If so, Midlife PAUSE™ is here to help. Are you ready to take the first step toward a healthier and more vibrant life?

It’s time to shift from mere survival to thriving in every aspect of your life. Explore Midlife PAUSE™ and embark on a path to vibrant health that’s tailored to you – because you deserve nothing less.

What's inside the

Midlife PAUSE™ Program?

Module 1:
Physiology of Sleep

Module 2: Optimizing Sleep

Module 3: Nourishing Nutrition

Module 4: Power of Protein & Probiotics

Module 5: Aligning Your Exercise

Module 6: Assessing Stress Impacts

Module 7: Stress Reduction Strategies

Module 8: Gut Health Changes with Age

Module 9: Maximizing Digestion

Module 10: Fasting & Metabolic Flexibility


Trauma: Exploring Influences of Life Experiences

Toxins: Tackling Toxins & How They Show Up In Your Life

How Does It Work?

Over the course of 6 months, for just 2 payments of $573, you will receive…

A specific Metabolic Health building

module from Cynthia

every other week.

A group coaching call with each module for support and accountability with Cynthia's team of expert coaches.

Handouts, exclusive discounts and access to relevant resources to achieve Metabolic Mastery!

Program starts Monday, January 29th!

Why this program is for YOU!

Always Working?

  • Are you a busy professional woman constantly on the move, juggling work, family, and other commitments, leaving little time for self-care?

  • If so, you’re not alone. Many women find themselves in a similar situation, prioritizing other responsibilities over their own well-being, and it eventually catches up with them. As much as you want to take care of yourself, it’s hard to find the time or know what the most important thing to focus on is in order to get the greatest results. In this fast-paced world, you know taking care of yourself is the key to maintaining your health, happiness, and productivity

  • You just need practical, sustainable solutions that fit into your busy lifestyle.

  • As a busy professional woman who loves to travel the world and be present with my family, I know exactly how to help you strike balance to do it all while feeling like your best self. I’ve helped a lot of women also achieve exactly what you want too.

Can't Sleep?

  • Finding that your tried-and-true sleep remedies just don’t do the trick anymore?

  • You’re not alone. Sleep issues can affect us all at some point, and what used to work may no longer be effective. There are solutions, and you’ll learn about them inside Metabolic Mastery.

Feeling Tired?

  • Ever find yourself feeling inexplicably tired, despite getting what should be enough hours of sleep?

  • Fatigue can be frustrating and impact your daily life. But don’t worry, there are reasons behind this fatigue, and we’re here to delve into them

Metabolically Frustrated?

  • Are you putting in the effort with diet and exercise, but seeing minimal to no results? Perhaps you’ve visited doctors, only to be told that your tests are normal, leaving you feeling dismissed.

  • We’ll dive into the potential reasons behind your lack of progress, exploring how various factors can affect your weight and overall health.

    ALSO! It’s not just about weight, it’s the deeper issues that can come from not being metabolically healthy, like chronic diseases.

Do any of these sound like you?

  • Are you a busy professional woman struggling to prioritize self-care

  • Is sleep eluding you, leaving you tired and restless despite spending enough time in bed?

  • Do you constantly feel fatigued, even when you’ve tried to rest and recharge?

  • Have your diet and exercise efforts yielded minimal results, with doctors assuring you that your tests are normal?

    Our The Midlife PAUSE™ program is here to help you tackle these challenges and unlock your full potential, addressing underlying factors that impact your health and well-being.

    The Midlife PAUSE™ has got you covered!


We’ll explore the underlying factors affecting your health and work together to break through plateaus, improve sleep, boost energy levels, and achieve the results you’ve been striving for.

Are you ready to take the next step towards a healthier, happier you?

Meet Your Expert Coaches

Tessa Guevara, mom, wife, APRN, breast cancer thriver and nutritional therapist, IF:45 Coach

Rachel Bonner, Holistic Family Nurse Practitioner with

over 20 years of experience in Primary Care and Women’s Health.

Carol Covino, CEO of Covino Fitness. Certified IF:45 coach, personal trainer, fitness nutrition specialist, and female metabolism coach.

Tina Jackson a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner who also specializes in trauma coaching and mental health

Sarah Goudie, M.Ed, FDN-P and Health Psychology

Ph.D. Student

Program Starts Monday, January 29th!

Registration closes Saturday, January 27th at 11:59pm EST

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